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Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

If you had ears back in the 1990s, then you’ll be familiar with Pulp’s anthems about the everyday, which turn the minutiae of our lives into poignant epics.

This documentary features the band talking about performing, intercut with footage from concerts and interviews with the ordinary folk of Sheffield who inspired the band’s funny and moving lyrics.

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Hilarious Aldi Champagne Model Advert

You might not shop at Aldi (or you pretend to other people you don’t), but you’ll still find plenty lolz in this advert.

A hunky male model appears on screen comparing champagne and discussing his pants, and when he opens his mouth it’s not quite what you’d expect.

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Fail Compilation May 2013

It’s that time again, where the fails of the past month get collated together to give you some lulz.

There’s all kinds of different displays of stupidity here, something to tickle everybody’s funny bone.

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Officer Involved Shooting

This just goes to show you the dangers that officers deal with on a day-to-day basis.

After a routine stop a driver gets out and starts to get abusive, before unleashing an almighty weapon.

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Evil Dead Remake

Yep, having run out of imagination decades ago, Hollywood’s remakes are getting more and more recent.

I’m looking forward to the point when tomorrows blockbuster is a remake of the one that came out yesterday. It’ll happen. It’s just a matter of time…

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Jon Gomm – Passionflower

This is a song about a plant this guy grew in his tiny little garden in the urban sprawl of Leeds inner city.

He put the seeds in a tiny tub and says it grew like a Roald Dahl story until it took over the whole yard, then a hundred flowers grew from it and he was amazed. He’s probably stoned.

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It’s Alright

The Day Today wheel out the VT they have been keep on reserve for times of extreme crisis.

If this doesn’t placate you and allay any and all worries you had, then you’re probably some kind of soulless robot.

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The One That Got Eaten Whole

You’ll often hear fishermen talking about the one that got away. Well, you might if you hung around with a bunch of fishermen and they were all obvious stereotypes.

You’ll very rarely hear someone talking about the one that got swallowed whole by a shark just as you were landing the fecker. If there wasn’t video, I wouldn’t believe it.

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