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Reality Behind UK Government’s Proposed Mass Surveillance Bill #SnoopersCharter

If a random stranger stopped you on the street and asked to snoop on your phone you’d have a pretty strong answer to give them—that’s what comedian Olivia Lee does in this video to highlight the invasive nature of the UK government’s proposed Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter).

The video was made by human rights organisation Liberty to draw attention to the privacy-invading powers that British intelligence agencies will have if the bill becomes law, giving them and public bodies full access to your internet and communication history. If you disagree with the bill sign up to Liberty’s No #SnoopersCharter campaign and urge MPs to reject the bill when they vote on it this summer.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.28.16 | Blogs, Humor, Videos, WTF? | 14 Comments

5 Key Secrets For Getting the Right Supplier

For a small business, choosing the right global suppliers and expanding into overseas markets can be daunting to say the least. You need to make sure you’re making smart and safe choices.

To do that you need to trust your supplier and reduce the risk for your business. But how do you do that?

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God Rest Ye, Merry Internet Connection

The internet is a scary place, for many reasons, it’s a playground where you decide what happens, who you play with, and who you want to play with you. The possibilities are seemingly endless and that’s where the nightmare of realization rears it’s ugly head – What the HELL would you do if it wasn’t there?

It doesn’t bear thinking about, it’s always gonna be there, right? Getting bigger, better and faster every day, with more wonders to behold….. But what, yes, WHAT the hell would you do if you didn’t have the chance to log-in and tune out?

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The Top 10 Coolest Fictional Cars

We all love cars, hell, even gay people and evil dictators cannot deny a fondness for a fender and a throbbing engine, it’s in our blood, our mind, and in most cases, the keys are in our pockets.

The best of all are the vehicles from film and TV – These fictional cars ROCK!

But what are the best ones i hear you ask? Don’t fret because an answer is at hand……ENJOY!

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The A-Team Gets A ‘B-’

Although I’ve not seen the TV series before, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the measure of the A-Team. A kitsch, cartoon-esque rendering of a band of rebellious soldiers who are both misunderstood and haplessly effective at aiding those in need.

Despite having not seen the 80s version, my judgement on the 2010 film was clear.

It is not a good one, and it’s plan does NOT ‘come together’.

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Lymelife – Go See It!

As far as the depiction of family life goes, the film market is saturated with this topic of interest.

The Hollywood representation of suburban family decline in American Beauty, for example, could be seen as a definitive example of many films like it – excellent as it is.

Film makers have long wanted to pull back the veil on the flimsy facade of something with which we are all familiar. However, few directors manage the subtlety, beauty and sadness that the Martini brothers achieve with Lymelife.
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What Is The Internet?

I spend a lot of time smurfing the net, sometimes too much time and in the past it has become a bit of a problem, not just for me, but for those close enough to call me ‘friend’.

I’ve been around the block enough times to recognise that at times i am surfing just a little bit too close to what some psychotherapists might term ‘addiction’, and if i wanted to choose to believe them, then i would probably think they were right?

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