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Watch the ‘Gimme Danger’ Trailer

Jim Jarmusch’s new film Gimmer Danger chronicles the story of The Stooges, one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands of all time and history.

It chronicles how Iggy Pop and the Stooges have, for nearly fifty years, been defining music with their brand of raucous rock—and Iggy isn’t looking like he’s going to stop just yet.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.8.16 | Music, Videos | 9 Comments

Watch ‘The Grand Tour’ Official Trailer

It’s finally here, the first look at The Grand Tour, the upcoming car-themed Amazon Original series starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.

The former Top Gear hosts will star in the new weekly streaming show on Amazon Prime beginning November 18, 2016. Will it live up to their previous show? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.7.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 17 Comments

‘Drive 2: The Uber Years’ Updates the Movie for the Sharing Economy

Joey Thompson is a Los Angeles-based comedian and writer who also happens to look just like Ryan Gosling.

Which is fitting because in this parody trailer he creates a hilarious sequel to the 2011 movie Drive, this time the protagonist is an uber driver transporting around vomit-spewing passengers.

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Posted by: wesbo | 05.19.16 | Humor, Videos | 8 Comments

Watch the Trippy Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the Sorcerer Supreme and here we get our first full look at the fantasy world Marvel has created for the character.

It has visual elements of the physics-morphing scenes from Inception along with a kind of Matrix reality-changing vibe—it basically looks like one awesome mind-bending LSD trip of movie.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.13.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

Top Gear Release Trailer for the New Series with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc

Whether it’s going to be loved or hated the new Top Gear show is going to cause people to have opinions, strong ones.

With the original trio gone, can the combo of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc do the show justice? To be honest, it looks alright from the trailer.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.1.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

Modern Version of the Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Return of The Jedi’

Using the music from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, YouTube user Tom F. gives a modern makeover to the trailer for 1983’s Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

And he does a remarkable job, so good that he could probably even make the prequels look good using the same music and his skillful editing.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.24.15 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 11 Comments

‘Jaws 19′ Official Trailer

The Back to the Future trilogy has it’s 30th anniversary this year, and to celebrate Universal Pictures made an actual (but fake) trailer for the non-existent film Jaws 19.

In Back to the Future II when Marty goes to 2015 Jaws 19 is on at the cinema, but sadly there is no real Jaws 19 in 2015, just a mock trailer. Ah well.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.7.15 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

Watch the Brand New Trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man

Paul Rudd stars as the pint-sized superhero Ant-Man and this new trailer is packed full of action.

As well as lots of action sequences, the trailer also intros Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll), who Ant-Man seems to like to fight at numerous locations.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.14.15 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments
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