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Animation vs. YouTube – New Short Film by Alan Becker

Just over a decade ago animator Alan Becker released Animator vs. Animation, where he did battle with one of his creations.

Now he’s just released his latest, which he spent over year making, it’s called ‘Animation vs. YouTube’ and features animations interacting with some classic viral videos.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.3.17 | Humor, Videos | 10 Comments

Adam and Joe Interview ‘The Queen’

If you never listened to it, then your surely missed out on the Adam and Joe show which used to air Saturday mornings on BBC’s 6 Music.

The world is a less amusing place for it no longer being on, but they do perform the occasional reunion show—this brilliant animation was done for one last year and features hilarious audio of them interviewing ‘the Queen’ aka Adam with a silly voice.

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Posted by: wesbo | 01.19.17 | Humor, Videos | 6 Comments

The Evolution of Disney Animation

Beginning at the beginning with the 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this video looks at Disney animations over the nearly 80s years they’ve been making magic.

Using 45 Disney movies filmmaker Bora Barroso shows how the films have evolved over the years, showing how the company have pioneering animation techniques while also making many of your fav chilldhood films.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.7.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 6 Comments

Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Toys Set Up the New Movie

These days just showcasing a toy collection tie-in for a new movie in a standard commercial isn’t enough. Not for Star Wars anyway.

In this stop motion video the toy products from upcoming movie Rogue One are used to set up the plot of the film in this impressive and fun animation.

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Posted by: wesbo | 09.2.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

40,000 Years of London’s History—Made Entirely of Paper

The huge construction project for the new Crossrail transport system has unearthed thousands of artefacts in the process.

In this inventive animation paper is used to illustrate those discoveries while journeying through the city’s history—from the Stone Age to 21st century.

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Posted by: wesbo | 01.27.16 | Nerdocre, Videos | 6 Comments

The Baron Sewel Controversy As Told By Taiwanese News Animators

It’s not like the story of a Baron from the House of Lords caught doing cocaine with prostitutes needed any added sensation, but YouTube Taiwanese Animators added it anyway.

As is their way, they’ve turned the news story into a hilarious and ridiculous animation that gets the details across in the most entertaining, overblown and exaggerated way possible.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.30.15 | Humor, Videos | 11 Comments

Top 10 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future

As well as being a TV mainstay for the last 15 years with some classic episodes behind it, The Simpsons is also a futurist. Of sorts.

The show has an uncanny knack for predicting the future and this six minute clip looks at 10 times that Homer, Marge and the kid’s predicted our futures.

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Posted by: wesbo | 06.10.15 | Nerdocre, Videos | 10 Comments

Epic Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion—Broly vs. Goku vs. Animator’s Hand

Dragon Ball Z toys some to life to fight one another and the animator’s hand in this awesome stop motion.

Jordan Tseng is the video’s author who fights off Broly and Goku, even dunking one of them in the toilet as the ultimate toy punishment.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.7.15 | Nerdocre, Videos | 16 Comments