It doesn’t matter if it’s your pet, you, your girlfriend, or even a chimney, farting is intrinsically hilarious and this humorous video featuring guffing gas flares proves it. But behind the flatulence lies not a late night curry but a serious message about fracking. That aside, these anti-fracking chimneys will have you giggling like a school kid.

With the concept of fracking—smashing underground rock so gas can escape—becoming an ever-more present threat, the video reminds us that there are alternatives and that’s it’s up to the customer to make a stand when it comes to where they source their energy.

Britain’s shale gas is a precious resource that belongs in the ground, not exploding out of a tower near to you. In this case it’s definitely better in than out!

Fracking is the hugely damaging process of fracturing underground rock to allow gas to escape which is then collected and used for power. There are clear environmental risks involved that are well documented from other parts of the world.

It’s time for Britons to have transparency from their energy suppliers and be able to conscientiously oppose the practice by voting with their bills.

Renewable energy company Ecotricity offers guaranteed frack-free gas which, along with its 100% green electricity and ethical pricing, is a pretty good alternative to the Big Six energy companies.

Don’t squeeze the last gas out of Britain. Keep it #FrackFree.

The process of Fracking should not be confused with that of drilling; it is carried out after the drilling process has taken place.