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Paint The Town Black

Looks like the celebs and residents of London crossed over to the dark side last night and meddled in the dark arts, Sir Tom Jones, Wretch 32, VV Brown and Razorlight led 1,000s of Londoners in a remarkable toast for Arthur’s Day 2012.

There was not a dry eye (or glass) at the event as they gathered to honour the great man behind the pint, Arthur Guinness. Cheers!

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.9.12 | Celebrities, FTW!, Music, Videos | 29 Comments

The (Secret) City of London, Part 1: History

London is a city, everyone knows that, but within this city is another city, the City of London. This is a different place to the the sprawling metropolis that’s home to 7 million people.

This Inception-like place is the square mile of the financial district and here its history is explained so we can all impress our buddies down the pub.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.8.12 | Videos | 6 Comments

Muse – Survival

So do you have a lob-on for the Olympics? Eager to see it get started and the UK win lots of gold(?) – It seems that people are either mad for it or entirely ambivalent.

If you’re in the former category then this should get your blood pumping. Clips of Olympians doing their thing to inspiring music.

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Posted by: ando | 07.27.12 | Celebrities, FTW!, Videos | 6 Comments

Boris’s London

The London mayoral election is a hotly contested race between the incumbent Boris and the red-challenger Ken and some other people that no one really knows.

So, to show all that riff-raff what a total spiffing commoner lies beneath that toffy exterior and how down with the proletariat-electorate his is Boris takes to the streets to say “What ho!”.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.30.12 | Celebrities, Humor, Videos | 5 Comments

Wolf Mystery is Revealed

Wolves have been spotted roaming about London town, spooking the hell out of drunken people, mutilating people’s pets and generally being mysterious and wolf-like.

But just WTF has been going on? Where have these wild beasts come from and what do they want with us townies? The truth is out there. Sneaky buggers.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.5.11 | Humor, Nerdocre, Videos, WTF? | 15 Comments

Wolf Freaks Out Revellers

If these people hadn’t been filming themselves making a drunken racket when a wild animal appears, when they tried to recount this story the morning after no one would’ve believed them.

But the evidence is there in this footage: a wolf roaming the streets of London. Foxes beware, you may have some competition……’BENTOOOOOON!?!’

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Posted by: wesbo | 11.23.11 | Videos, WTF?, ladies | 11 Comments

Jumping Three MINIs – No Biggie

The Olympics is coming to London. Hoorah! It’s going to be so full of superhumans breaking insane records and showing Olympian power that you’re going to be knackered just watching them.

And if you needed proof of how awesome these elite athletes are, here’s long jump champ J.J. Jeged leaping over not one, but three MINIs (red, white & blue…nice touch) like it ain’t no thang. Never saw Evel Knieval do that, did you? If this becomes an official event at the 2012 Olympics in London then the UK might just be in with a chance of winning a gold. Sweet.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.7.11 | Celebrities, FTW!, Videos, WTF? | 8 Comments

Duncan and McCoy – Ep 1 – KG & Marston

South London is a war-torn urban morass full of crime, hate, and squalor. It’s mostly been abandoned by humankind except for a few feral beings who roam the vast wastelands of Croydon, looking for an angry fix.

But, helping to keep a semblance of civilisation in this post-apocalyptic theme park is Duncan and McCoy, two of the finest, bravest and honest police officers on the beat. They’re helping to make neighbourhoods neighbourly again.

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Posted by: wesbo | 06.13.11 | Humor, Videos | 1 Comment