Loading Ball Larry puts his annoying spin on everything he touches. You’re probably already familiar with his work: He’s the guy who crashed your app, right before you hit save.

The jerk who turned that ten-minute task of yours into a full hour of frustration—spinning, spinning, spinning your day away. Stop Larry before he grinds your world to a halt.


Samsung’s new YouTube video campaign may move away from pushing specific products and devices, focusing on its memory solutions, but the company appears to be finding it incredibly difficult to move away from taking a bite out of Apple.

The campaign centers on the frustrations that device owners may experience with their mobile phones, tablets, computers and even televisions. To do this, it uses three fictional characters to portray these experiences – Battery Brutus, Loading Ball Larry, and Fiona Freeze.

Like a movie trailer, each character demonstrates how modern devices are affected by battery drain, low memory and times when something will just freeze

And for the most part, the campaign is quite enjoyable to watch — except for the not-so-subtle Apple bashing in one of the videos.

Samsung is quick to point out that many devices suffer from the above issues, but the Loading Ball Larry short uses Apple’s iconic spinning beachball to illustrate how computers and tablets struggle with low memory.

Maybe not as ruthless as its previous campaigns, but it will surely draw the ire of Apple fans and device owners.



When you feel the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up for no reason, Fiona Freeze isn’t far behind.

She strikes without warning, and always at the worst possible moment. Watching a playoff game? She’ll freeze your device in the closing seconds. Giving the biggest presentation of your life? Just try to hit the next button—you know she’ll stop you cold.



You know him. He knows you. And he knows just when to prey on your devices. Like when you’re stuck on an airplane. Without a plug. In the middle of a movie.

Battery Brutus is the man who’ll cut off your calls, kill your camera, and put an untimely end to your favorite show without batting a greasy eyelash.