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Listen. Watch. Play.

Are you ready for the coolest party of the rest of your life? If the answer is ‘yes’ then we need some essential goodies to make this happen – Cool location. Check – Friends and family (yes, they are invited). Check – Awesome music. Check – Amazing video visuals. Check. All the latest video games. Check – As much time as you want to indulge yourself in all of the above. Check.

But how i hear you ask? Well, it’s as easy as saying ‘Sony Entertainment Network’ – One account and one login is all you need to get started. Plug in, turn on and tune out.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.11.12 | FTW!, Music, Nerdocre, Tv & Movies, Videos | 24 Comments

Humans Are Awesome 10 – Fans only

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be dealing with the dregs of society in your life and you’re in need off an uplift, then this is the video for you.

If not, then watch it anyway because you’ll only feel better about yourself and everyone else after seeing it.

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Posted by: wesbo | 09.27.12 | Videos | 7 Comments

Nintendo Zapper Laser

Ever wanted a Nintendo Zapper that has been modified to enable you to blind your friends and pets from over a kilometer away? Me either.

Still It’s an impressive feat of nerdry that someone has managed to get something that powerful into an iconic retro lightgun. Fairly pointless but impressive nonetheless.

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Posted by: ando | 09.26.12 | Nerdocre, Videos | 7 Comments

Ping Pong Science

What happens when you take a scientist, chat-show host Ellen, liquid nitrogen and 4000 table tennis balls? Pure SCIENCE! That’s what.

I knew liquid nitrogen was good for making bananas crunchy but I had no idea it could be used for awesomeness of this magnitude…

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Posted by: ando | 09.24.12 | Nerdocre, Videos | 7 Comments

One Day

A beautiful animation about a Frenchman with a magical teleporting house, kinda like a Tardis, but less blue.

It teleports him to idyllic, serene beauty spots and all he want to do is go an live in a city. Seriously. there’s no pleasing some people.

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Posted by: ando | 09.18.12 | Videos | 7 Comments

The Disappearance

A cunning bit of street magic performed with the aid of a couple of actors, some gullible members of the public and a little camera trickery.

It’s not so interesting when you know how it’s done but on the upside you get to laugh at all the people scratching their heads and looking baffled.

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Posted by: ando | 08.31.12 | Humor, Videos | 6 Comments

Liberate Your Suitcase

If you’re a Britisher then your probably suffering from a vitamin D deficiency right now and wondering why your skin is paler than usual.

So if you want to see the sun this year there’s only one option; dust off that suitcase, pack your Union Jack towel and your speedos and get your holiday on!

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Posted by: ando | 07.19.12 | FTW!, Videos | 7 Comments

Samsung Memory: Loading Ball Larry

Loading Ball Larry puts his annoying spin on everything he touches. You’re probably already familiar with his work: He’s the guy who crashed your app, right before you hit save.

The jerk who turned that ten-minute task of yours into a full hour of frustration—spinning, spinning, spinning your day away. Stop Larry before he grinds your world to a halt.

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Posted by: wesbo | 05.17.12 | Humor, Nerdocre | 14 Comments
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