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Dubious Claims Game

Let’s face it, insurance premiums suck already, so we definitely don’t need jerks jacking the rates up even more by staging fake accidents or submitting bogus claims. But who says insurance claims can’t be fun?

The folks at Spencers Solicitors, who help innocent victims of genuine claims get compensated, created this fun little game called ‘Should they claim?’ where you watch a series of real YouTube accident videos and vote on whether they’re fake or genuine.

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Posted by: wesbo | 02.2.12 | Games, Nerdocre | 12 Comments

Supercut – Animals & iPhones

It’s not just people who lose their tiny little minds over shiny white apple merchandise. Household pets are becoming increasingly enamored with them too.

Here’s a supercut of just some of the videos on YouTube of pets playing games.
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Posted by: wesbo | 01.31.12 | Games, Humor | 5 Comments

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia: I for Innuendo

This couldn’t be any more in-your-end-o if it contained Sid James in a toga juggling Barbara Windsor’s funbags in the British countryside.

It’ll take all your concentration and brain power to try and work out what it is they’re actually going on about with regards to the actual game, rather than just talking absolute filth to one another.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.4.11 | Games, Humor, Videos | 1 Comment

Wish You Were Here

It’s nearly summer time, which means heading to foreign soil to sit half naked on a crowded bit of land where dirt meets water, to spend your evenings looking like Dr. Zoidberg while drinking copious amounts of cheap local booze and copping off with strangers.

Or alternatively if you’re feeling the pinch, pretend you did all that instead—send one of these pretend postcards and act like you spent 2 weeks in Vegas surrounded by hot babes.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.27.11 | Games, Humor, ladies | Comment

Building the Dream

What would be your dream job? How about designing video games that are exploring new creative possibilities and pushing the medium to its limits? We’re seeing new generations of game designers ripping up the rule book and using their energies and imaginations to stretch the platform’s capabilities.

Gamers who honed their craft as hobbyists and invest their creations with great passion, wit and wonder. And who doesn’t want to play games like that?

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.9.11 | FTW!, Games, Nerdocre | 4 Comments

Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

It was a time when eggs were stolen by the greed of pigs who had to be stopped. And there was only one man who could accomplish such a hard and complicated task. One man and his birds. Angry birds.

From the phenomenal iPhone app that helped millions kill time while waiting for their friends to show up for a beer, comes the film of the decade, directed by Michael “LOUDER!!” Bay. Launching into a cinema near you never.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.5.11 | Games, Humor, Tv & Movies, Videos | 2 Comments

Hotel Hell Game

Time to get all ‘Hotel California’ and repeat the mantra, “You can check in, but you can never leave”, which is true in your case because you are running the place. Keep the demanding guests happy at ALL costs!

It might sound like a pretty weird basis for a game but it is strangely addictive as your hotel fills up and your guests get evermore demanding (what do they need all those batteries for?) and angry – good luck! — Click HERE to play.

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Posted by: wesbo | 03.17.11 | Games, Nerdocre | Comment


I love stuff like this, it’s another of those meaningful emotional indie games that have minimal gaming elements but the propensity to make you cry like a baby (if you’re so inclined).

Anyway, this one has you saving a bunch of apple picking Mexicans from Nazis! The music will lull you into a feeling that it is essential that you play this for the rest of your life!

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Posted by: wesbo | 11.27.10 | FTW!, Games, WTF? | Comment