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That Mitchell and Webb Look – Football

It’s a common practice but when talking about a football team you support that you’ve never met or probably seen play live, people love to saw “we”.

“We beat you” “We played brilliantly”—Mitchell and Webb tackle such behaviour in this awesome sketch as two guys argue over football.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.11.14 | Humor, Videos | 17 Comments

Alan Partridge Watches the Brazil Vs. Germany Semi-Final

Brazil’s complete dismantling by Germany could only have been improved if it had Alan Partridge commentating.

But the internet being the internet, someone has thankfully made it so and it makes every goal that much more entertaining.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.10.14 | Humor, Videos | 12 Comments

My Juggalo Wedding

If you ever wondered what a Juggalo wedding ceremony looked like, it looks pretty damn trashy.

After the bride and groom get married by the Right Honorable Rev. Juggmaster, the guests spray them with cheap soda. Pure class.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.10.14 | Videos, WTF? | 16 Comments

John Oliver Discusses Dr. Oz and Bogus Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Oz is a bit of a big deal in the states and when he recommends a product the companies selling them can be guaranteed a spike in sales.

But a lot of the pills he encourages his viewers to buy can be a bit like magic beans, so John Oliver steps up to take him down a few pegs.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.9.14 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 11 Comments

Game of Thrones At Work

Imagine, if you will, the dynamic power struggles of Westeros transposed to average office environment.

It would be a pretty insane place to work, so just be grateful that Danni in marketing doesn’t have a trio of dragons at her disposal to do her bidding.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.9.14 | Humor, Tv & Movies, Videos | 21 Comments

World Cup Facts

So you’ve been watching the World Cup for a few weeks, no doubt you now think you’re an expert on football.

Well, just to see how much knowledge you have, take a watch of this video on World Cup facts and see how many you know.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.8.14 | Humor, Nerdocre, Videos | 11 Comments

The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake

All these years and you’ve been cutting cake completely wrong—shame on you and your ancestors.

But at least now you can put your wrongdoing to right by watching this and finally learning the correct way to slice a birthday cake.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.8.14 | Nerdocre, Videos | 14 Comments

Moped V’s Roundabout Compilation

If you really want to injure yourself while flying at high speeds around a playground merry-go-round, using a moped to speed it up is the way to go.

And in case you had any doubts about that, check out this compilation and try not to feel too motion sick as you watch these teenage daredevils in action.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.7.14 | Humor, Videos | 11 Comments

Best News Bloopers June 2014

Some of these were inevitable—like wearing high heels on ice was always going to end in a faceplant.

While others are just the perils of the job—like being creeped on by drunk people—when you do live newscasting, but therein lies the joy of watching it.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.7.14 | Humor, Videos | 10 Comments

Zachary Quinto Talks About Why the Brits Should Rule America

We’ll never know how great it would’ve been had the Brits stuffed the US back in 1776.

But at least we have Zachary Quinto, who is both Spock and Sylar, to tell us what could’ve been and how fab it all would’ve been.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.4.14 | Celebrities, Videos | 13 Comments
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