We all love cars, hell, even gay people and evil dictators cannot deny a fondness for a fender and a throbbing engine, it’s in our blood, our mind, and in most cases, the keys are in our pockets.

The best of all are the vehicles from film and TV – These fictional cars ROCK!

But what are the best ones i hear you ask? Don’t fret because an answer is at hand……ENJOY!

1. 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future….

Even a non-time travelling DeLorean is still pretty sweet, with the sleek-looking design, stainless steel body panels, fibreglass underbody and rear-mounted engine. But the modified car just nails it, with the twin exhaust boxes mounted on the back, bulky piping and the clunky, tactile wiring hanging off the car giving it an industrial chic and sci-fi shtick. It looks the part. You want sci-fi it says? Then take this hunk of steel-car to the face! Or future. Plus it can fly, run on trash and time-travel once it reaches 88mph. Like the Doc says, “if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”.

Cool features: gull-wing doors, flux capacitor, time machine.

2. 1959 Cadillac Ambulance (Ecto-1 or Ectomobile) – Ghost Busters

Another iconic film car, it’s forever imprinted on our minds frantically hurtling through the streets of New York City with the sirens flashing and Ray Parker Jr.’s vocals pumping; a cooler ambulance there never was. It’s the ideal geek machine, parapsychologists as previous owners, looks like it was designed by Rube Goldberg and Homer Simpson, with an attachable ladder and abundance of gadgets mounted on top like a spaceship junkyard. And it’s used for hunting ghosts.

Cool features: distinctive siren wail, pull-out proton packs rack, tailfins, Ghost Busters logo on sides and rear.

3. Tumbler – Batman Begins/The Dark Knight

Taking its inspiration from the huge tank-like Batmobile in Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, this cubist piece of kit is agile and assertive, happy to both nimbly navigate rooftops and crush cop cars, barriers, henchmen and anything foolish enough to gets in its way. Keep it away from rocket-propelled grenades, however. I don’t know what would be a more terrifying confrontation, this hurtling towards you or an intensely angry Christian Bale who’s just been pushed over the edge by a wayward crew member. F#cking amateur, it ain’t.

Cool features: autocannons, rocket launcher, jet engine, caltrops, stealth mode, Batpod.

4. 1974 Dodge Monaco – Bluesmobile – The Blues Brothers

If you’re being relentlessly hunted on an epic road trip to Chicago by Neo-Nazis, cops and a country and western band, and you need to take out every mofo in your path (but can’t afford a Tumbler), there’s really only one option available to you: the Bluesmobile. Ray Bans and “mission from God” a must.

Cool features: it has cop motor/tires/suspension/shocks. And it can perform gravity defying stunts.

5. Pink Panther’s limo

As a kid I loved this car, and often imagined those doors parting to find me strutting out with Inspector Clouseau by my side into the Chinese Theater. But looking at the car now it looks like a giant cake slice. Anything struck would be gruesomely sliced in two. And it’s being driven by a 10 year old. Irresponsible of the Panther. What sort of message is that?

Cool features: 23ft long, boudoir furnishings, gull-wing doors.

6. 1973 Ford Falcon – “The Last of the V8 Interceptors” – Mad Max

This car’s radiator says “Badmuthaf#cker” on it; it’s a car for when society has crumbled, and murder and vengeance are the only currency left. The world maybe a dust-parched throat of dystopian hell where barbaric motor cycle gangs terrorise residents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t brutally exterminate them with extreme prejudice. And why not do it in a car that is an extension of your hardass self. Ford should seriously consider mass-producing this customized beaut. They could call it the Ford Post-Apocalyptic Doom.

Cool features: protruding supercharger, Concorde front, exhaust side pipes.

7. Dodge Charger – The General Lee – The Dukes of Hazard

Named after the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Yaaaeeeee-HA! pretty much sums up all there is to say about this car. High-jumps, stunts and Daisy Duke’s bumps.

Cool features: the horn plays a bar from the song “Dixie”, welded-shut doors.

8. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger

It’s one of the most iconic, and the original, of the cars with gadgets, this silver agent; it was almost better than Bond. And it’s the only car on our list to complete a Top Gear lap time, which it did in 1:46:0 mins. It’s the sort of dashing car that could seduce your wife and steal your children’s affection. But you’d let it, wouldn’t you?

Cool features: bulletproof glass, machine guns, ejector seat, oil slick dispensers

9. 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile – Every Sam Raimi movie

It’s taken on a skeletal Deadite army, was owned by Spidey’s uncle, disguised itself as a wagon and was driven by a gypsy-witch. And if it’s good enough for Ash then it’s good enough for us all, goddammit!

Cool features: rotating blades, cowcatcher

10. 1982 Pontiac Firebird – KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) – Knight Rider

Out of all the cars on this list this has the most gadgets, beating both Bond and Batman. If you remember this beauty then one listen to KITT’s authoritative voice (actor William Daniels) and a quick glance at the red bonnet-mounted scan bar, and you’ll be sent back to a place of high-speed chases, big hair, Devon Miles and a buddy friendship to rival Batman and Robin. The instrumentation on the inside of KITT was like a glowing toyshop of wonder. Just don’t mention the remake, I imagine watching it’s like being run over really slowly by your own mother driving a steam roller.

Cool features: computer AI, molecular bonded shell, turbo boost, voice synthesizer, flame thrower, oil jets, smoke screen, two-wheel ski-drive, tear gas launcher, laser, deflatable and reinflatable tires, seat ejection.