If a random stranger stopped you on the street and asked to snoop on your phone you’d have a pretty strong answer to give them—that’s what comedian Olivia Lee does in this video to highlight the invasive nature of the UK government’s proposed Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter).

The video was made by human rights organisation Liberty to draw attention to the privacy-invading powers that British intelligence agencies will have if the bill becomes law, giving them and public bodies full access to your internet and communication history. If you disagree with the bill sign up to Liberty’s No #SnoopersCharter campaign and urge MPs to reject the bill when they vote on it this summer.

“This is one of the most intrusive and least accountable surveillance regimes in the world.” says Liberty. “There is a consensus from service providers, tech experts and three cross-party parliamentary committees that its plans are unclear, unworkable and potentially unlawful.”