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Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

OK people, it’s time for a lesson in love as Akilah breaks down what to expect if you start a relationship with a black woman.

Covering everything from ordering fried chicken to satin caps and interracial sex, it’s a must-see before you go on that first date.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.9.13 | Humor, Videos, ladies | 9 Comments

Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

It’s not everyday you come across a stop-motion video created using 100 people in their birthday suits — but that’s what you’ll witness in the video above, which tells the story of Sam, an out of shape guy who needs to be surrounded by naked people rolling around and creating patterns.

That’s just about when he has the epiphany that he needs to look after his body and go do some exercise. Maybe it’s the motivation we all need.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.7.13 | FTW!, Videos, WTF?, ladies | 16 Comments

Not your normal street dance – could you still do this at 70?

There’s no doubt about it, time passes and we all get older—and unless you inject yourself with stem cells or happen upon the elixir of life, immortality will not be awaiting you. But just because your hair starts to go grey and you get a “grand” added to your parental title doesn’t mean you can’t still have some outlandish fun.

So next time you’re down the local market having a peruse on a Saturday afternoon, keep a look out for lively pensioners decked out in dancing shoes, busting some moves in the middle of the street for complete strangers. Because old age doesn’t have to mean you’ve not #Stillgotit

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.17.13 | FTW!, Videos, ladies | 19 Comments

Katie Sutherland – Canvas

Formerly of Pearl and the Puppets, Glaswegian Katie Sutherland has since embarked on a solo career and after hearing this you’ll be grateful that she did.

It’s her debut solo single and it’s called “Canvas”—you’ll find it a welcome ray of fun to buffer against the onset of winter.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.16.13 | Music, Videos, ladies | 10 Comments

Stephen Merchant Longs For Medieval Romances

Like many people, Mr Merchant feels that dating has got way, way too complicated these days.

So he longs for the days when people died by the age of 30, back when everyone’s breath smelled of Black Death and you didn’t think the world extended beyond your village.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.10.13 | Humor, Videos, ladies | 11 Comments

Empower Women, Enable Possibilities

Being an entrepreneur is all about empowering yourself to create a business that’s right for you. It’s about facing up and rising to different challenges, overcoming the day-to-day demands, learning and planning for the future.

These stories show how, by overcoming the various challenges and with dedication, hard work, belief and ambition, you can reach your goals and realize any dream you want.

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Posted by: wesbo | 06.19.13 | FTW!, Videos, ladies | 11 Comments

Yamaha: Silent Sessions – HJ Lim

Most of us listen to our music on the daily commute through a pair of headphones plugged into our smartphone. But that won’t do for chart-topping classical pianist HJ Lim. The South Korean piano virtuoso does things in style with a sleek, ergonomic Yamaha piano.

There’s no shuffle mode for her, instead she gets to listen to her own sublime skills by plugging a pair of headphones into this cutting edge, acoustic-digital hybrid. Not sure how you’d get one of these on the subway though.

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Posted by: wesbo | 06.5.13 | Music, Videos, ladies | 18 Comments

Porno Makeup

Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves, this is the real reason why you spend hours of your life watching pr0n, the intense fascination with the techniques those lovely ladies use to apply their make-up.

Porn star makeup artist Melissa Murphy reveals the tricks of her trade. Like how to transform spotty skin into a flawless face and a mask of perfectly applied foundation. It’s enough to make you fap!

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Posted by: wesbo | 05.16.13 | Videos, ladies | 7 Comments