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Huge Green Monkey Floats Down The River Thames In London

You imagine that people who live in London, UK are used to some strange and curious sights—much like most people who live in large cities, weird stuff just happens.

But they’re probably not used to the sight of a giant green monkey floating down the Thames, the river that flows through the city.

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Posted by: wesbo | 05.19.16 | FTW!, Videos, WTF? | 12 Comments

Reality Behind UK Government’s Proposed Mass Surveillance Bill #SnoopersCharter

If a random stranger stopped you on the street and asked to snoop on your phone you’d have a pretty strong answer to give them—that’s what comedian Olivia Lee does in this video to highlight the invasive nature of the UK government’s proposed Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter).

The video was made by human rights organisation Liberty to draw attention to the privacy-invading powers that British intelligence agencies will have if the bill becomes law, giving them and public bodies full access to your internet and communication history. If you disagree with the bill sign up to Liberty’s No #SnoopersCharter campaign and urge MPs to reject the bill when they vote on it this summer.

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Posted by: wesbo | 04.28.16 | Blogs, Humor, Videos, WTF? | 14 Comments

Footage of ‘The Largest Shark Ever Filmed’ is Terrifying

Duped ‘Deep Blue’ this seven metre long great white shark is thought to be the largest ever caught on camera.

Last year footage of it emerged swimming next to cage divers off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico. This video features some new clips showing the giant female feeding on bait and circling divers.

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Posted by: wesbo | 02.9.16 | Videos, WTF? | 10 Comments

Wolf Reunion

Anita has not been in Polar Zoo in about 2 months. The wolves she had spent time with have obviously missed her.

To be this close to a pack of wolves, and to let them jump about all over you snarling and bearing their teeth? Cojones. Gigantic ones.

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Posted by: ando | 12.14.15 | Videos, WTF?, ladies | 10 Comments

‘Driving Just Got Intelligent’ (And Cool)

Light painting is a photographic technique where, well, you paint with light. It generally means waving a light source about while taking pictures with a long exposure.

In this visually stunning video that light source just so happens to be a car (a Hyundai 2015 3.8L V6 Genesis) whizzing around a race track, with red LED lights attached to the wheels.

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Posted by: wesbo | 10.19.15 | FTW!, Nerdocre, Videos, WTF? | 11 Comments

Illusionist Damien O’Brien Magics Pizzas Out Of Thin Air

Forget your order of Sloppy Giuseppe and doughballs when you go out for pizza, if there are two things that are really going to get people excited when they dine out, it’s got to be the chance of free pizza and miracle of water turning into alcohol. And if you are thinking that sounds like magic you have guessed right.

Those two things are just part of what’s on offer by illusionist Damien O’Brien (disguised as a waiter) as he impresses customers at a Pizza Express restaurant in London by turning their table water into wine, and magicing up pizzas from nowhere.

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Posted by: wesbo | 09.5.15 | Celebrities, FTW!, Videos, WTF? | 12 Comments

Scientist Eats Dung Beetles & Mashed Potatoes To Prove A Point

Everyone knows that if you really want to prove a point, the best thing to do is put a scientist in a lab coat, sit him down, and get him to eat his way through some delicious crunchy dung beetles embedded in some mashed potato.

It might sound disgusting and cruel to scientists, but in reality scientists love doing things like this just to prove a point to us mere mortals that they have superior knowledge and know things that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.29.15 | FTW!, Humor, Videos, WTF? | 12 Comments

Get Up Close and Personal with Tattooing — in Slow Mo

If you were thinking about getting a tattoo done, then you might want to watch this before you do—or you might not, actually.

It goes real up close and personal with the needle, giving you some slow-mo footage of the ink being injected into someone’s flesh. It’s both fascinating and disturbing.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.14.15 | Videos, WTF? | 11 Comments