It’s the moment we all dread around this oncoming festive time, the morning after the night before, which in this case just happened to be the office Christmas party. On these occasions you have to endure all types of pain and self-loathing, the oncoming hangover, lack of sleep, your ‘possible’ outrageous behaviour in front of your work colleagues (after you made a solemn promise not to repeat your performance last year.

And not to forget your total lack of self control around the consumption of junk food to keep you going and the dread that in 9 hours time you will be doing it all over again. This video is a total survival guide on how to get through these tough times.

If any of this is worrying you then i’d definitely CLICK HERE to get prepared and find out who else is getting ready for the Xmas office part onslaught on Twitter at #ChristmasSOS