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Elton John is Murdered in this Hilarious Sketch

You may or may not have heard of Snuff Box, a pretty awesome sketch show which starred Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher.

And if you haven’t, it’s time to get introduced with this sketch where Matt and Rich find Elton in their recording studio. Bad move Elton, bad move.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.29.16 | Celebrities, Humor | 15 Comments

Short Doc Gives a Fascinating Insight into Polaroid Instant Film

Back in 2008 Polaroid stopped making instant film to concentrate on digital, closing down all but one of their factories.

The one that remained open was bought by a group of former employees who took up the mantle of making and distributing instant film—in this short doc their chemist explains what makes it so special and worth saving.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.27.16 | Nerdocre, Videos | 8 Comments

Protect Ya Neck (Busker Version)

Yo! This guy’s literally taking the music to the streets. Take a Wu-Tang Clan classic, an afro, guitar, mic, and some drums put them all together with some fine talent and what do you get? You get a lesson in badassery.

If I saw this guy busking in the street I wouldn’t be able to get my hand high enough for the stratospheric high-ten, no high 20 (I’d use my feet as well), I’d want to give him.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.26.16 | FTW!, Music, Videos | Comment

Summer’s Here, Time to Listen to Adam Buxton’s ‘Festival Song’

Load up the 4×4! And stuff that chill bag with nibbles and wine because it’s time to listen to Adam Buxton incredibly awesome “Festival Song.”

YEAH! So if you’re off to the Inoffensive Electronica Festival with the fam, make sure you give this a listen before heading out that door.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.25.16 | Humor, Videos | 15 Comments

A Compilation of People Failing then Disappearing

People fail all the time, but sometimes when they fail they fail so hard they completely disappear from view.

Perhaps they’ve fallen into some bushes, or through a door or into some else’s garden—unpredicatable fails you might call them. Here’s a compilation of some of the best.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.24.16 | Humor, Videos | 11 Comments

Some Things Should Never Be Tampered With

Not all things from the past are relevant now, but it also means that some things shouldn’t be tampered with. Take for instance the strange baroque powdered wigs that people used to wear, they were mainly used to cover baldness due to head lice, not such a problem in the 21st century.

But, some things do remain constant and by some things that means: beer. Yes, the beloved alcoholic drink that comes after only tea, coffee and water as Homer Simpson’s and the world’s most favored beverage. So once you hit upon a good recipe you don’t want to mess with it, you just want to consume it.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.23.16 | FTW!, Humor, Videos | 9 Comments

World’s Fastest Pram

This might not be the sort of pram you want to put your baby in, but don’t deny it’s pretty damn cool.

These guys and their souped up pram are hoping to break the sound barrier. OK, maybe not, but they’re hoping to get up to 50mph.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.23.16 | Humor, Videos | 13 Comments

The Backwards Brain Bicycle Looks Insanely Difficult to Ride

Destin Sandlin, from YouTube science channel Smarter Every Day, sets himself the challenge of learning to ride a backwards bike with reversed steering.

It was difficult but he didn’t give up, taking 8 months to finally master it—but then when he tries to ride a normal bike, it’s isn’t as easy to switch back as he thinks.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.22.16 | Nerdocre, Videos | 10 Comments
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