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James Corden Becomes Matt Damon’s ‘Jason Bourne’ Stunt Double

Being a stunt double is always going to be a really tough gig, but some movies it’s going to be tougher than others.

You imagine on a movie like Jason Bourne it’s going to be extra gruelling, James Corden finds that out the hard way when he becomes Matt Damon’s stunt double in this funny segment from The Late Late Show.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.5.16 | Celebrities, Videos | 12 Comments

Dark Sketch Imagines What Happens When The Purge Ends

In 2013’s movie The Purge America becomes overrun with anarchy as an annual 12-hours of lawlessness starts where all criminal activity, murder included, is legal.

In this dark but funny sketch from Pizza For Breakfast they look at what happens after those 12 hours are up—just what do people do after all that murder and heinous behavior?

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.3.16 | Humor, Videos | 8 Comments

Stuntman Luke Aikins Skydives 25,000 Feet with no Parachute

American skydiver and stuntman Luke Aikins recently made history by jumping out of a plane from 25,000 feet with no parachute.

Instead of a parachute there was a net that he fell into, gliding through the air, which he described as like levitating, before landing safely. His huge balls no doubt cushioning thefall

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.2.16 | Videos, WTF? | 11 Comments

JCV Stars in the Reboot Movie ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’

Every movie from your youth seems to either get a sequel or reboot these days, now you can add Kickboxer to that list.

The original 1989 cult film starred Jean-Claude Van Damme showing off his martial arts and avenging his kidnapped bro. This reboot will follow a similar plot, and probably one be half as good.

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Posted by: wesbo | 08.1.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

1,000 Musicians Perform ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes

Recently in Cesena, Italy Rockin’ 1000, who happen to be the world’s largest band with over a thousand members, had a concert at Orogel Stadium.

As part of the gig they performed The White Stripes’ 2003 hit ‘Seven Nation Army’ and it’s quite something seeing hundreds of drummers bang along to the tune.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.29.16 | Music, Videos | 8 Comments

Matt Damon Voices a 90-Second Bourne Recap

In terms of cinema Jason Bourne has been at it for 14 years and four films, but here Matt Damon takes only 90 seconds to bring us up to date.

And he packs a helluva lot in, so much that you might not be able to keep up with all the names and dates and info, but it’s a fun trip along the way.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.28.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 9 Comments

Everyone Enjoys Falling Under The Magician’s Spell

If you love magic then you’ve probably seen ‘Now You See Me 2′, the sequel to 2013’s Now You See Me, which sees the four illusionists forced into a heist by a powerful mogul (Daniel Radcliffe), which means they have to pull off an elaborate stunt to clear their names.

People love falling under the magician’s spell and plenty of elaborate and hugely impressive card tricks are featured in the new film.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.28.16 | FTW!, Nerdocre, Tv & Movies, Videos, WTF? | 13 Comments

‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ Sees Guy Ritchie Do Medieval Myth

If Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was set in Medieval England it might looks something like this.

Guy Ritchie has taken his fast-paced editing, quick-fire dialogue, and cockney bloke actors and transposed them to the land of myth. Although a weird juxtaposition, it looks like a lot of fun.

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Posted by: wesbo | 07.26.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments
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