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The Best News Bloopers of 2016

Strap in and get comfortable because this video is 15 minutes long, but it’s worth your time because, well, it’s better than working.

News Be Funny presents a roundup of the best funny, awkward, and bizarre moments that happened during live news broadcasts in 2016.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.15.16 | Humor, Videos | 8 Comments

An Honest Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back

It’s considered not only the best Star Wars movie, but one of the best sequels of all time—even Screen Junkies had a hard time finding fault in this Honest Trailer.

But don’t worry, they still found plenty to make fun from Han Solo’s great use of finger pointing, Luke Skywalker’s transition from whinger to dummie, and the frankly weird Princess Leia-Han-Luke love triangle

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.14.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 13 Comments

When Your Mate Moves In With His Missus

You can take this sketch by YouTubers Third Leg Studios as a cautionary tale of what can happen when a mate moves in with his girlfriend.

It can happen to the best of us, and when it does you will change forever—hopefully a friend will come along and rescue you or at least remind you of the old times.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.13.16 | Humor, Videos | 11 Comments

Comedian Joe Lycett’s Sweaty Sharon Parking Ticket Story

Nobody likes traffic wardens and this hilarious story by comedian Joe Lycett is the perfect illustration of why.

Given a ticket because he’s inputed the wrong code for the automated parking, it turns into a 101 in bureaucratic frustrations.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.12.16 | Humor, Videos | 6 Comments

How David Blaine Barfs Frogs

You’ve no doubt seen the footage of magician David Blaine regurgitating frogs at will, in turn upsetting Dave Chapelle, Drake and their buddies.

But, it’s not anything entirely new, magicians have been performing a similar regurgitating trick, with small animals, coins, all kinds of objects, for 100s of years. Vox reveal how the crazy-looking trick is done.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.9.16 | Celebrities, Videos | 12 Comments

Watch the ‘Gimme Danger’ Trailer

Jim Jarmusch’s new film Gimmer Danger chronicles the story of The Stooges, one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands of all time and history.

It chronicles how Iggy Pop and the Stooges have, for nearly fifty years, been defining music with their brand of raucous rock—and Iggy isn’t looking like he’s going to stop just yet.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.8.16 | Music, Videos | 9 Comments

The Evolution of Disney Animation

Beginning at the beginning with the 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this video looks at Disney animations over the nearly 80s years they’ve been making magic.

Using 45 Disney movies filmmaker Bora Barroso shows how the films have evolved over the years, showing how the company have pioneering animation techniques while also making many of your fav chilldhood films.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.7.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 6 Comments

The Philosophy of Darth Vader

YouTube channel Wisecrack takes a look at the driving forces (excuse the pun) behind Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side and the philosophical origins of his tragic arc.

It also looks at the psychology behind what kept him such an evil villain right up until his end in the 1983 Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi.

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Posted by: wesbo | 12.6.16 | Tv & Movies, Videos | 8 Comments
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